Translator & Business interpreter

As a business interpreter in France

Born in France, now living in Italy and working as a freelance translator and business interpreter.

Since 2001, I have translated, interpreted and transcribed from English and Italian into French, handling all types of documentation. I now collaborate with several translation agencies and companies around the world. My fields of expertise are tourism, stone industry and general business. My work is highly professional and accurate. My French writing and speaking skills are very much appreciated and I also have Italian and English competency in written and spoken language.

I can translate your websites, catalogs, booklets, contracts or whatever document you may need to get into perfect French in order to be read easily and also to be market oriented if you sell products or services.

Interviewed representing an Italian company in France

I regularly work as an interpreter in the stone industry and tourism business and travel to throughout the world to help business decision makers and managers be successful in internationalization or negotiation conferences or business to business relationship in general by translating reports or exchanging email with their clients. I generally work for private companies or public administrations.

Promoting Sicily abroad

Please contact me if you want to find out more about my expertise and do not hesitate to submit a sample to translate in order to evaluate my translation skills, or send me any enquiry for a business project, as a business interpreter.

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